“Jean helped me most by helping me understand how to listen to what my body was trying to say to me and to treat myself well. She listened to me attentively and understood and had empathy for what I was going through and feeling. Jean has a lot of patience, wisdom and an ability and gift to help me change negative thoughts into positive thoughts, to look at the whole picture and be able to problem solve the situation. ”


“Jean is kind, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to and has the ability to disarm people. She most helped me see my roadblocks and to get through them. What she did allowed me to have the courage to take the leap outside my comfort zone which gave me a sense of confidence that I didn’t know I had.”


“Jean is professional, caring, compassionate, honest and is an empathetic listener. She has the ability to motivate women on difficult topics. ”


“Jean’s deep spirituality and encouragement helped me in my progress. She was able to see and understand what others have not. She has the ability to push my thoughts to a deeper and more complex level. She not only helped me with life’s issues but also in matters of the spirit. She brings the power of love, gratitude and forgiveness to the forefront.”


“I love Jean’s compassion, high level of integrity, creativity and generosity! She is a great listener, she acknowledges, encourages and celebrates me in my joyous moments as well as hold space for me when I share my struggles.”


“Jean quickly identifies with most people by understanding universal truths that cross barriers of religion, culture and values. She is able to find common ground with those she interacts with in a very natural way. She helped me to feel there is value in the way I have chosen to lead my life. She helped me to break down my schedule in order to improve my time management. Jean instills the belief that one can turn weakness into strength. We know she loves us, her support and love is something a person can believe in.”


“Jean is kind, caring, compassionate, nurturing and loving. I am always amazed and impressed at how Jean cares so sincerely about people and the things they may be going through. She really cares about what you’re saying and how you’re feeling. She’s there to support, guide, inspire, and challenge you to move forward and take risks to reach your goals. ”


“Jean motivated and challenged me. She encouraged me to believe in myself. In our time together, there were no strings attached, no motives, just her sincere interest in helping me in my journey. Jean motivated me to keep going and don’t stop when faced with additional challenges. Her sincerity allows you to expose your vulnerabilities. She encourages people to find their dream and follow through to ensure it happens.”


“Jean is a good listener and good encourager. She is good with coming up with imagery for people to grow, explore and get in touch with their emotions.”


“Jean is caring, honest, patient and has a great personality. She helped me by being there for me as I was figuring things out. She gave me the tools to see what I needed to do to best help myself and guided me in the journey. Coaching has helped me immensely and is life changing.”


Make the investment in yourself. Contact me to create a personalized pricing plan based on your individual and unique needs.

2-Hour Coaching Package

$ 300.00

On Demand
  • 2 Hours of schedule On Demand Coaching
  • Delivered In Person, via Telephone, Skype or Zoom

4-Hour Coaching Package Most Popular

$ 600.00

On Demand
  • 4 hours of schedule On Demand Coaching
  • Delivered In Person, via Telephone, Skype or Zoom

One-on-One RTT Session

$ 500.00

  • 2 Hour One-on-One RTT Life Changing Session
  • A powerful, customized recording for you to listen to for the next 21 days to reinforce the new you
  • 30 minute One-on-One Follow-up Session to acknowledge and celebrate your changes
  • Delivered In Person, via Skype or Zoom

3-Month Coaching Package

$ 1500.00

3 Months
  • 12 Hours of Telephone Coaching (4 Hours per Month)
  • Delivered In Person, via Telephone, Skype or Zoom
  • Email Support
  • Worth $ 1,800.00, Your Savings of $ 300.00

6-Month Coaching Package

$ 3000.00

6 Months
  • 24 Hours of Telephone Coaching (4 Hours per Month)
  • Delivered In Person, via Telephone, Skype or Zoom
  • Email Support
  • Worth $ 3,600.00, Your Savings of $ 600.00
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